- Outline a fixed fee project management proposal with the owner. - Project manager acts as representative for owner, analyzing needs and realities of project to deliver expected final product. - Choose designers, engineers, construction manager and contractors and to have them sign contracts on the owner’s behalf. - Analyze project’s financial situation, conduct feasibility studies and take charge of design and building aspects of project. - Oversee the work done by consultants and inform the owner on the project’s progress. - Recommend enhancements or deletions that best serve the goals of the project. - Supervise the work in progress, ensuring good communication with all parties involved in the project.

      - Outline a cost plus or fixed fee construction management proposal with the owner. - Provide construction expertise at the concept stage - improving construction efficiency. - Plan, coordinate and control construction from beginning to completion. - Guide owner in making effective choices regarding planning and material selection. - Approved plans to be outlined in the contract to guarantee budget. - Establish action plan, understanding market realities. - Bring experience along with useful resources in order to successfully complete the project. - Produce a functionally and financially viable project. - Positive and early team collaboration helps carry out the entire project faster and stay within budget.

      - Owner outlines parameters of proposed project, potentially hiring architects, and engineer professionals. - Contractor submits pricing based on completed and finalized design plans or scope of work. - Sign a fixed cost contract with the client based on submitted quotation. - Project’s final cost is established before the actual construction begins. - General contractor accepts to begin construction project by following design criteria guidelines and defined price limit. - Only changes in scope of work after contract signing can affect the project’s final cost.

      - Owner enters into agreement with construction manager to manage all aspects of project – from design to project delivery. - Construction general manager hires design team and subcontractors. - Owner’s only direct contact is with the construction general manager. - Once design plans are more or less completed, sufficient information is then available for the project’s total final cost. - Often referred to as a “turnkey” approach, can even be used to complete the most complex projects in an efficient manner.

      - Generate feasibility studies establishing the exact construction costs and the project’s timeframe. - Offer accurate pricing and realistic project time frames through experience and solid subcontractors and supplier relationships. - Value client's point of view and specific needs in order to find best possible approach to carry out construction of project. - Provide guarantee to deliver the project respecting initial total cost estimate and timeframe. - Project schedule and the integration of project milestones and phases. - Risk mitigation and access to industry expertise on insurance and surety issues. - Development and management of the project budget. - Logistics and procurement services.
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      - Complete home and condominium retrofits and renovations - New construction and extension - Kitchen - Bathroom - Living areas - Insurance claims

      - Retail Stores and restaurants - Interior fit-ups - New construction for stand-alone outlets - Offices - Interior fit-ups - Health clinics - Doctor clinics - Eye clinics - Dental clinics

      - Manufacturing and warehousing - New construction - Retrofits to existing
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